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Webinars and podcasts

From time to time I appear on people’s webinars and podcasts. I think of myself as a writer rather than a talker, but it is always flattering to be asked. And it can be great fun to do. It’s only afterwards that you think, “Did I really say that…”

For the video below, I talked to Natalie Pithers, about Chartism. Natalie is a self-confessed history geek and highly experienced family historian. Natalie runs the Curious Descendants Club, helping those who are passionate about their ancestry to write engaging family history stories. Find out more…

And for the next video, we talked about the history of the trade union movement – which was a really high-speed canter through two centuries of labour movement and working class history.

I also talked to Jon Bauckham of BBC History Extra for podcast titled somewhat ambitiously Trade Unions: Everything You Wanted to Know.