Writer, editor and researcher – mostly about history and work

About me

Mark Crail is a writer, editor and researcher.

From Monday to Friday I specialise in employment issues – from legal compliance to good practice, HR analytics to pay data. But at weekends I write on mostly 19th century history, specialising in Chartism and the trade union movement.

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I am the author of Tracing Your Labour Movement Ancestors.

I have also written on Chartism, trade unions and employment issues for a wide range of family history magazines, including Who Do You Think You Are, Your Family Tree and Ancestors.

Professionally, I must have written thousands of news, features and research articles in a journalistic career that began in 1980. You can find out more about my day job in my LinkedIn profile.

Any views expressed on this website are my own or at least have been appropriated by me. None of it is anything to do with my employers.